We specialize in high quality aromatic products including different kinds of floating candles, pillar candle, t-light candle, candle holders, candle set, incense set, incensory, essential oil, oil burner, natural dry flowers, home decorative items and a wide range of mulberry paper products. The innovative range includes many one-of-a-kind items developed exclusively by Wasila.

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Gift Pack Gift Set Candle Miscellaneous
Incense pack with Holder.
Candle pack with incense and Holder.
Thai Mini Scented Candles Incenses.

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Candle and Incense set Bath and Body set
Spa set

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Flower Floating Candle Candle in Ceramic
Outdoor Candle
Pillar Candle
T-Light Candle

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Candle Holder Incense Holder Incense
Oil Burner

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